Bandwidth Requirements of IPTV

  When it comes to IPTV quality, two main questions come up: what determines the quality of broadcasting and what codecs should be used to watch broadcasts without worries?

Let's deal with the first one.

  Unlike conventional television companies that offer a standard signal format, companies involved in IPTV can boast a truly unique thing the ability to "play" with video quality. What does it give? An undeniable advantage you can personally lower the cost of video (and therefore its quality), however, its bandwidth should still comply with IPTV requirements. The advantage of this option is that you can save money, and the minus is that such savings can negatively affect the perception of broadcast quality.

  Most IPTV services initially provide high-quality broadcasting. But since third-party companies, Internet providers can control the broadcasting bandwidth themselves, sometimes the quality of this broadcasting is automatic, by default it goes to the client’s broadcasting. At the moment, payment for data transfer and connection to the provider is approximately 0.6 cents per 1 GB. As for the transmission of streaming information, at least 500 kilobytes per second (or 30 MB per minute) is required here.

  You can also reduce the amount of data transfer, thereby saving money. If we talk about the average quality of streaming video, then it ranges from 500 kilobytes to 1.5 MB per second. But low quality requires a relatively low speed from 100 KB to 500 KB per second. It is worth noting that each IPTV company has its own bandwidth requirements. All you need to do is contact the user support and find out these requirements. For example, Air Force Broadcasting (HD) requires at least 4MB per second, and Netflix offers high-quality broadcasting (480p) from 1750KB per second, (720p) from 3000KB per second. Once you know the exact bandwidth requirements of your company, you can find a balance between good quality and reasonable price.

  The second question that confronts all users of IPTV services is codecs. Needless to say, IPTV is a television revolution; This technology requires the use of the most advanced and modern codecs. If you are looking for codecs on the Internet, then download or buy them only on official sites. And if you do not want to mess with codecs, just change the player to a more appropriate and modern one. For example, here are the four most popular media players that usually do not require special codecs: VLC media player, Light Allow, KMPlayer and Zoom Player.

Enjoy your time with your favorite shows!