Great news for Mac users!

Planning to watch Russian TV online? Do you like Mac technology? or maybe you prefer PC? Regardless of this, we always have a solution for you.

We would like to inform that due to the large number of requests from Macintosh users, watching Russian TV is now possible on your Mac computer (running any version of the operating system). All you have to do is download and install a special version of the VLC plugin.

You can install it right here and now with the help of our guide.

If you have any questions or need help with the installation, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you. Your comments are also welcome!

NOTE: The VLC plug-in for MAC only works fully with Firefox and Opera Internet browsers at the moment.

VLC Plugin for MAC (installation instructions) with iOS version 10.5 and below:

1. Download it here
2. Double-click on the icon of the package: an icon will appear on your Desktop, right beside your drive(s). Open it and drag the VLC application from the resulting window to the place where you want to install it (it should be/Applications).
3. Restart your browser 
4. Go to watch online page on
5. Click “watch online” button.

 VLC Plugin for MAC (installation instructions) with iOS version 10.6 and above:

1. Download it here 
2. When in Finder, press Command + Shift + G (or use the menu Go > Go to Folder)
3. Type /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ and click the Go button to temporarily access the Internet Plug-Ins folder.
4. Copy the VLC Plugin.plugin from the downloaded zip file to the open Internet Plug-Ins folder
5. Restart your computer
6. Go to watch online page on
7. Click “watch online” button.

VLC Plugin for Windows (installation instructions):

1. Download the VLC installation file for WINDOWS 
2. Close all browsers on your computer
3. Execute VLC installation file (select “Run”)
4. Launch your browser again after the installation is complete.  
5. Go to watch online page on
6. Click “watch online” button.